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We Are First City Bee Company


Natalie and Kevin Blake are Ohio natives.  Their love of the ocean

and sandy white beaches drew them to Pensacola,

making it their new home


Natalie, a former Day Spa owner and Radiation Therapist, took her

love for helping people and teaching and transformed it into

First City Bee Company along with her husband, Kevin.


Kevin, who is an Electrical Engineer by trade and also in the service

industry of helping to light the world by providing a customized lighting

experience to enhance the beauty of any space.

Together, they took their knowledge of working with people and wanted to

bring a unique experience to the heart of Pensacola for natives and tourists alike. 


They took their love for wine, honey, design and teaching to create a unique

experience for every customer at First City Bee Company.  They want the

customer to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience while sampling on

different honeys and meads from around the world and perusing the

store for unique gift items.

They also felt that teaching the customer about the Honeybee and honey,

and its unique health benefits was very important!

So please stop by and come in for a one of a kind experience.

We look forward to getting to know you!

Hope to see you soon!

Image by Bianca Ackermann
Image by Meggyn Pomerleau
Image by Jenna Lee
Image by Damien TUPINIER
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